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Tech 198

Library Research Tools for Tech 198

Why Cite?

Citing sources is important to avoid plagiarism, to back up your argument or conclusions, and to allow other interested parties to track down the same sources. 

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How Do I Cite in APA?

  • You must cite another author's work in two places in your paper: 1) in-text citation and 2) References page.

  • An In-Text Citation cites the author in the text of your paper at the point when you refer to another author's work. 

Example of in-text citation:

… the author missed important behaviors in the character (An, 2015).


  • The References page is located at the end of your paper and lists all of the sources you cited in your paper.

Example of References page citation:

An, L., Yang, S., & Bhanu, B. (2015). Efficient smile detection by extreme

learning machine. Neurocomputing, 149, Part A(0), 354-363.



  • Watch the short video below or use the resources below for more examples on how to cite using APA.



Resources to use!