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A guide to using i>clickers in the library classrooms.


Thanks to Cameron Weigel for providing these Troubleshooting solutions.

Why isn't the instructor's remote working?

Option 1:

1.   Check for a “Low Battery” LED to be illuminated on the i>Clicker remote. If it’s illuminated, replace the batteries and try again.

Option 2:

1.    On the clicker, hold down the power button until the front LED starts flashing green.
2.    Press the two-letter subfrequency code that you'll see on the base station (i.e., AA, BB, CC, or DD). All the LEDs will flash green once a valid code is input.

Option 3:

1.    In the i>clicker software, open the Course settings of your desired course.
2.    Under the General tab, ensure that the subfrequency code is set to the corresponding code labeled on top of the base station (i.e., AA, BB, CC, or DD). Click Save and test again.

Why isn't the i>clicker software detecting the base station?

Find the gray USB cable plugged into the right-side of the base station and unplug it, then plug it back in again. The computer should rediscover the console and the software should detect it.

It still isn't working!

If these don't solve the problem, contact Media Services at 8-2129.

I'd like a copy of the handout I've seen in the box of clickers.

Are there online guides to using i>clickers?

Yes. You can find them at

I don't want to read a guide. Are there videos?

Yes. You can find them at