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A guide to using i>clickers in the library classrooms.

How to Start and End a Poll

1.  To start an i>clicker session, look for this folder on the instructor computer's desktop:

2.  Click to open the folder, then click on the i>clicker icon.

3.  In some classrooms, you may see a box pop-up saying "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?" Click "Yes."

4.  Click "OK" when the Select Language box pops up.

5.  Click the "Start New Session" button.

6.  The Floating Toolbar will appear on your screen. You can click and drag the toolbar anywhere that's convenient for you. After this point, you will start controlling the system using the Instructor remote.

7.  To start a poll, click the "A -- Start/Stop Polling" button on the blue instructor's remote. Note: Remotes will automatically power off after 2 minutes.

8.  The Floating Toolbar will now begin a stopwatch and students can enter their answers.

9.  As students answer, you will see the number of results in the right of the toolbar.

10.  When you have enough results, click the A button on the blue instructor's remote again to stop the polling.

11.  To display the results as a graph, click the "B -- Show/Hide Results" button on the blue instructor's remote. Click the B button again to remove the graph from your screen.

12. At the end of the class, collect and count the remotes. Remotes will turn off automatically after 2 minutes.