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English 100WB: Written Communication — Lo

Information and resources to help you with your ENGL 100WB assignment

Business Culture

Hofstede's Cultural Framework

Professor Geert Hofstede conducted one of the most comprehensive studies of how values in the workplace are influenced by culture. His cultural dimensions theory analyzes countries using several dimensions. This tool provides the scores of 93 different countries on this value scale.

Sample Briefing Kit

This sample briefing kit was created by the Australian Industry Group for executives traveling to Dubai. It goes into more detail than needed for your 100WB assignment, but provides a good example of how a briefing kit is assembled. (Note: Be patient--this PDF may take some time to load.) 

The Australian Industry Group recently redesigned their website and it is no longer available on the open web. This is such a great example that I am sharing an archived copy I had downloaded on my computer.

Style Guide

For this assignment, you may be required to use the format used by the Associate Press (AP) Stylebook. Here are resources to help you  learn more about AP.