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 1 Save, save, save ...

It is good practice to save your work often when you are using any kind of software. You don't want your work to get lost when something goes wrong.

When I work with SPSS datasets, I make a copy first (I make mistakes and I want to make sure I have the original data).

Open the dataset and before you start anything else go to File, choose Save As. Save the dataset with a new name. I like to include the date I work on it (don't forget that you cannot use a dash, slash or space).


Once you have done this you can just hit the save button as often as you remember (remember to do that very often :))

Please save your output as well!

 2 Export Output to MS Word

If you want to share your output with somebody who doesn't have SPSS you can export the output as a Word document. 


Don't forget to set the page as landscape and to shrink tables to the width. It is sometimes tricky to remember where you are saving your document - click on the box  undefined