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National Library Catalogs & Bibliographies

This is a collection of links to international resources and includes national libraries, national bibliographies and union catalogs.

South America

Regional Resources

  • Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes - This is a union catalog that is a collaboration between libraries and universities in Spain, Central America and South America.
  • Latindex - Latindex, Regional Information Online System for Latin America, Caribbean, Spain and Portugal Scientific Journals, was created in 1995, as a result of the cooperation of a network of institutions that work collaboratively to disseminate, make accessible and increase the quality of the periodic Ibero-American scientific publications through shared resources, in order to facilitate its visibility internationally. (Description from the website)

Resources by Country

National Library National Bibliography Union Catalog
Argentina Biblioteca Nacional de la República Argentina None Listed
  • The Union Catalogue of Serials  (CCPP) - A union catalog of serials from cooperating libraries in Argentina. These resources are focused on the sciences and technology
  • The CONICET Union Catalogue of Books (CCLC) -  a union catalogue of books from CONICET´s agencies, libraries and documentation services. These resources are focused on the sciences and technology. The National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET) is the main organization in charge of the promotion of Science and Technology in Argentina.  
Bolivia Archivo y Bilbioteca Nacionales de Bolivia None Listed None Listed
Brazil A Fundação Biblioteca Nacional  None Listed None Listed
Chile Biblioteca Nacional de Chile
  • Bibliografía Chilena - an online resource that provides access to the writings of Chilean writers in Chile and abroad.  Records received by the Biblioteca Nacional on legal deposit. (Description from the bibliography website)
None Listed
Colombia Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia None Listed None Listed
Ecuador La Biblioteca Nacional del Ecuador None Listed None Listed
French Guiana None Listed None Listed
Guyana National Library of Guyana None Listed None Listed
Paraguay Biblioteca Nacional del Paraguay None Listed None Listed
Peru Biblioteca Nacional del Perú None Listed None Listed
Suriname National Database of Suriname None Listed None Listed
Uruguay Biblioteca Nacional de Uruguay
  • Bibliografía Nacional Uruguaya - The online national bibliography contains books, pamphlets and periodicals printed in Uruguay, from 1990 to the present. Works published abroad by uruguayan authors, and works by foreigners who refer to Uruguay are also included. (Description from Worldcat record)
None Listed
Venezuela Biblioteca Nacional de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela None Listed None Listed