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National Library Catalogs & Bibliographies

This is a collection of links to international resources and includes national libraries, national bibliographies and union catalogs.

Southern Europe

Regional Resources


Resources by Country

National Library
National Bibliography
Union Catalog
   Cyprus Flag         
None Listed

Cyprus Libraries Union Catalogs - Collection of different union catalogs maintained by the Cyprus Library

Greek Flag
None Listed

Union Catalog of Hellenic Academic Libraries - Network of Greek academic libraries.

Italian Flag
None Listed

Italian Union Catalogue of Serials (ACNP) - a national archive of Italian serials.

See also the national library catalog

Maltese Flag
None Listed

None Listed

Portuguese Flag

PORBASE - the largest bibliographic database in Portugal and reflects the collections of the National Library and over 170 Portuguese libraries of different types, both private and public

  San Marino Flag
San Marino
None Listed

None Listed

Spanish Flag

Bibliographic Heritage Union Catalog - Description and location of books and other bibliographic resources in Spanish libraries and institutions, whether public or private, that as a result of their age, uniqueness or richness form a part of Spain's Historical Heritage

Vatican City
Vatican City
None Listed

None Listed