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National Library Catalogs & Bibliographies

This is a collection of links to international resources and includes national libraries, national bibliographies and union catalogs.

Eastern Europe

Regional Resources

  •  - COBISS (Co-operative Online Bibliographic Systems and Services) is a model of a system representing the platform for the national library information systems in Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Albania. It will also be implemented in Kosovo in the future.
  • INION - This is a Russian database with an extensive catalog of Russian-language materials and for many Slovic and East European journals. Find an in-indepth explanation of this database hereNote:  Only available in Russian

Resources by Country

National Library
National Bibliography
Union Catalog
Albanian Flag         

National Bibliography of the PRA - limited availibility in Hathitrust

National Bibliography of the PRA: Articles of the Albanian Press - limited availibility in Hathitrust

See above
Belarussian Flag

None Listed

None Listed
Bosnia-Herzegovina Flag

None Listed

See above
Bulgarian Flag

None Listed

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Croatian Flag

Hrvatska bibliografija - beginning coverage varies depending on the series ranging from 1998-2002 to the present.

Hrvatska Nacionalna Bibliografija. Niz A, Knjige. (Series A, Books)

None Listed
Czech Flag
Czech Republic

None Listed

None Listed
Hungarian Flag

Magyar nemzeti bibliográfia: Könyvek bibliográfiája - limited availibility in Hathitrust

Magyar nemzeti bibliográfia. Időszaki kiadványok repertóriuma (Periodicals) - limited availibility in Hathitrust

Magyar nemzeti bibliográfia. / Új periodikumok (New Periodicals)  - limited availibility in Hathitrust

Magyar folyóiratok repertóriuma (Journals) - limited availibility in Hathitrust

None Listed
Kosovo Flag

None Listed

None Listed
Macedonian Flag

None Listed

See above
Moldovan Flag

None Listed

None Listed
Polish Flag

Bibliografia Narodowa i Bibliografie Specjalne - National and special bibliographies, coverage includes 1976-present

Bibliografia Dokumentoẃ Elektronicznych - Bibliography of electronic documents

Bibliografia Bibliografii Polskich

None Listed
Romanian Flag

Bibliografia Republicii Populare Romîne. / Cărți, albume, hărți, note muzicale - Books, albums, maps, musical notes

Bibliografia Republicii Socialiste România. / Cărți, albume, hărți, note muzicale - Books, albums, maps, musical notes

Bibliografia Națională a României. / Cărți, albume, hărți -  Books, albums, maps

Bibliografia cǎrților în curs de apariție

None Listed
Russian Flag

Letopis ́zhurnalńykh stateĭ

Sovetskaia Bibliografiia

Библиография - Russian Federation bibliography

None Listed
Serbian Flag

Bibliografija Srbije - Current National Bibliography, 2003-present (web-based resource)

Pregled Izdanja Srpske Akademije Nauka i Umetnosti - Bibliography of of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences. Limited search in Hathitrust for 1847-1959, 1965-66, 1971-92, and 1995-1998 

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Slovakian Flag

None Listed

None Listed
Ukrainian Flag

None Listed

None Listed