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PH 100W

This guide is a collection of resources for students & faculty in the PH (Public Health) 100W: Writing Workshop course.

Find a Specific Journal

We subscribe to most scholarly journals in electronic format.  Browse or search specific journal titles in the electronic journals index.  Many can then be searched individually. Click on link to 'title details from ulrichsweb' to discover further information concerning the journal (i.e. publisher, refereed, content type).

Search for print and some electronic journals in the library catalog. The Catalog gives you the Call Number of print journals that are shelved on the Lower Level. 

Scientific Journal Abbreviations

Scientific publications often include citations that have the names of journals abbreviated. For example:

Kenyon L, Harrison NA, Ashburner GR, Boa ER, Richardson PA.1998. Detection of a pigeon pea witches’-broom-related phytoplasma in trees of Gliricidia sepium affected by little-leaf disease in Central America. Plant Pathol. 47:671–80.

In this example, Plant Pathol. stands for the journal Plant Pathology. If you are having problems identifying the name of the journal that you are looking for, consult the following guide to Scientific Journal Abbreviations (created by Kevin Lindstrom, Univ. of British Columbia):

Citation Linker

Use Citation Linker if you know the following information about an article in a journal:

  • Journal name
  • Year of publication
  • Volume
  • Starting page

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar if all you know is:

  • title of article (use quotes arouncd the title)      OR
  • author of article (use author first initial and last name)

Set your Google Scholar preferences first to see the SJSU Find It link to the full article. (4 min. tutorial)