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Sourisseau Academy for State and Local History

Preserving historical materials related to San Jose and Santa Clara County

Digitized City Directories

Google Books contains digitized city directories from other repositories. Simply search for 'city directory' and the location you're researching (e.g. 'Santa Clara County' or 'San Jose')

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Civil Records

The collection has numerous civil records relating to the city of San Jose and the County of Santa Clara. Some of these records are originals and others are photocopies. The photocopies are part of the Edith Corinne Smith Collection and were acquired as part of a research project in the 1990s and do not represent a complete collection of documents.


  • Abstract of Title, Laguna de Tache Rancho, late 1800s.
  • Abstract of Title, AB Miner Property: 1888
  • Abstract of Title, Fremonts Survey: 1889
  • Abstract of Title, Rancho de las Animas: 1869
  • Baptisms and Marriages at San Jose de Guadalupe, c1850 (copies)
  • Santa Clara County Coroner's Reports, c1850 (copies)
  • San Jose Coroner: Reports and death certificates, late1800s-early 1900s
  • San Jose Death Certificates (Oak Hill): 8/1862-2/1869
  • Spanish Archives: A majority of collection is official correspondence of the Pueblo (English translations)
  • Santa Clara County Brands (Fierros), 1850s-: This is a collection of cattle brands burned into leather scraps
  • San Jose City Directories, broken series from 1870-1979
  • Santa Cruz City Directory, 1902
  • Langley’s Pacific Coast Directory, 1867
  • San Francisco Directory, 1850