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Military Science

This Subject Guide provides links to a wide variety of websites and other resources relating to the study of military history.

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Burdick Military History Project

The Burdick Military History Project maintains a study room and book collection on the SJSU campus for use by students and other researchers.  The center is located in Industrial Studies room 239.  For more information, please contact:

Professor Jonathan Roth

Office: Business Tower (BT) 561


Phone:  408-924-5505



*  THE GREAT PACIFIC WAR: A HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN-JAPANESE CAMPAIGN OF 1931-1933, by Hector Bywater.  Originally published in 1925, this volume foretold a possible senario for war between the U.S. and Japan which came eerily close to the reality of 1941.  The subsequent mysterious death of the author and other factors led to speculation over Japanese involvement.  (U313 .B8 2000x,  King 8th Floor)

*  U.S. ARMY ORDER OF BATTLE, 1919-1941, by Steven E. Clay.  This electronic resourse is available through the Library's catalog and presents an authoritative and comprehensive review of the organization of the United States Army between the end of WWI and the beginning of WWII.  It details how the Army, severely reduced abter 1919, nevertheless managed to incorporate the the lessons learned in the First World War and attempted to deal with the changing face of war, brought on by new technology and strategic thinking.

ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY LANDINGS OF THE UNITED STATES MARINES, 1800-1934, by Harry A. Ellsworth.  This monograph, update from the original 1934 edition, details the many minor deployments of the Marines during the stated years.  It is particularly useful in giving details on the many "banana wars" of the early 1900's.  (VE23 .A32 1974  King 8th Floor)

*  THE U.S. ARMY GHQ MANEUVERS OF 1941, by Christopher R. Gabel.  Published by the Army's Center for Military History, this volume details the grand manuevers that the Army held on the eve of World War II.  Many of the tactics used by the German Army were explored in the course of the exercises, and new strategic and tactical doctrines were established and practiced on a large scale.  (D 114.2:M 31/2/992,  King Government Publications Lower Level)  

*  THE BONUS MARCH: AN EPISODE OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION, by Roger Daniels.  In 1932, as the nation fell deeper into the Great Depression, the Bonus Expeditionary Force (also known as the "Bonus Army") marched on Washington DC to advocate for the passage of the "soldier's bonus" for service during WWI.  Although perspectives on the subsequent violence differ, the resulting rioting did much to change the way the nation looked at veterans and brought some of the big names of WWII, such as MacArthur and Patton, to public notice for the first time.  (F199 .D18,  King 6th Floor)

WAR PLAN ORANGE: THE U.S. STRATEGY TO DEFEAT JAPAN, 1897-1945, by Edward S. Miller.  This volume details the creation and development of the (originally) hypothetical U.S. war plan aimed at defeating Japan.  (VA 50 .M53 1991, King 8th floor)

JAPAN ERUPTS: THE LONDON NAVAL CONFERENCE AND THE MANCHURIAN INCIDENT, 1928-1932, edited by James W. Morley.  This collection of translations from Taiheiyo Senso e no Michi, Kaisen Giko Shi provides excellent background on the politics, foreign relations and military activities of the Japanese Empire which eventually triggered the war in the Pacific.  (DS 885.48 .J36 1984, King 6th floor)


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