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Online Tools and Resources

A variety of online tools and resources. Most include instructions for use in LibGuides, a content management system used by librarians.

How to Hide Pages in Your LibGuide

Screenshot of page dropdown menu

1. Create new pages you need within your Libguide. Each page will be visible in the navigation.

2. Create a new page that doesn't have any content.  

3. For that new blank page, click on the "Page" dropdown menu (see image to the right). Then, click on "Do not show on public guide".

4. Last, click the "Page" option again and go to Reorder/Move > Pages.  Drag and drop all the pages that you don't wish to be visible.


Note: Now, you must embed the links to all pages you hid somewhere on the website so viewers can navigate to it. You'll find the Page URL above the left-hand navigation.



Thanks to my colleague Elisabeth Thomas for this tip.