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BUS5 183: Global Entrepreneurship

A curated list of available databases and websites for information on global entrepreneurship

Getting Started Searching for Articles

Start with these databases:

Below is a example of how you can use the library's databases to search for information on a specific company.
If you are searching for information on a particular company and their marketing strategy.

Consider the key concepts or terms that you want to use in your search. These will become the keywords that you use to search the database. In this example consider searching by the name of the company

Enter the subject of your search—your keyword—in the first search box.

Notice the drop-down menus next to the search box, use this to help narrow your search. Since you are looking for company information, you can select CO Company Entity. This will help refine the search to articles specifically about the company.

Notice you have a choice of how to combine the search boxes: AND, OR, or NOT. Most often you’ll choose AND. AND makes your search smaller; OR makes it bigger; and NOT is a way to leave something out of your results.

Because you want to find specific information about a company's marketing strategy, you want to add another term to the second search box.

Enter 'marketing strategy' in the second box. If you use quotation marks around 'marketing strategy' the database will search this as a phrase.