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Spanish 102

Finding Books at SJSU

In the King Library Catalog, you can search for materials by Keyword, Author, Title, and Subject, among other options. 

Keyword Searching (a good way to begin, similar to a Google search)

·         Type in 1-3 keywords that describe the main concepts of your topic.

·         If you can’t find anything, think of synonyms for the words you chose.

Key Terms






 Latin America






Using this table, you could perform several searches within a library database for information on Food in Mexico:

mexico AND food

mexico AND cooking

oaxaca AND cuisine

mexico AND tamales

Latin America AND cooking

The possibilities are endless! Remember to use synonyms, broader, and/or narrower terms when searching for information.

Wildcard Example:

You can also use a wildcard symbol * to search for multiple endings of a root word.

cook* will search for cook, cooking, cookbook, cooker

Finding Books at Other Libraries


Link+ is a borrowing program among many California academic and public libraries — see Link+ Member Libraries. Link+ lets you request items from another library that are not available at the King Library or San José Public Library (SJPL) Branches. Link+ provides access to the collections of 47 libraries which means there are much more Spanish language resources.

Interlibrary Services 

Request books from libraries all over the world. Use Interlibrary Services when material is not owned by the King Library or SJPL Branches. Requests can be made by filling out an ILLiad online request form. This service is free to all card holders -- late fees still apply -- and may take 7 to 10 days for the request to be filled.   

Local Libraries 

Link to catalogs of local libraries and libraries in the CSU system.  


A catalog containing over 34 million records from libraries worldwide, useful for identifying items not available at King Library.