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Community Health Data

Strategies for finding info on community health problems and needs. Program planning and evaluation resources.

Databases for Community Health Articles

Sample PubMed Search

Search for articles on your topic in PubMed:

1. Use search terms from these categories (keywords to be used in the database):

  • Geographic area (city, county, state)
  • Age / gender  (adolescents, adults, men, women, etc)
  • Ethnicity  (Vietnamese-Americans, Latinos, Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, etc)
  • Other groups  (transgendered, pregnant, disabled, HIV positive, gang members, etc)
  • Ideas that note disparity situations (health disparities, disproportionate burden, underserved, etc)
  • Health status, problems, needs (cervical cancer, obesity, smoking, asthma, lead, etc)
  • Nature of study (comparison, program planning, report, etc.)

2.Select 2-3 keyword terms to search at a time.  

3. Do several searches with different pairs of keyword terms.  

Here's a sample search in PubMed using some of these categories.  
PubMed search smoking salinas