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BUS5 162: International and Comparative Management

Statistics, country information, etc. for Business 162.

Researching Your Country

We recommend two strategies for gathering country-specific business information.

1. Use the country-specific databases such as WorldGeorgraphy and CountryWatch to get an overall view of your country. Specific content you'll find in these reports related to economic conditions, foreign investment indices, holidays and traditions, and culture and etiquette. 

2. To gather specific business information on your country, you will want to search our general business databases such as ABI/Inform and Business Source Complete and use keywords. An example would be to enter "Spain" in the first text box and then enter "banking crisis" in the second.

Country Databases from the Library

Commonly Used Business Databases to Find Journal Articles

Online Journal Index

If you have a favorite journal, magazine, or newspaper and would like to know if it is available online through the library, go to the Journal Index to find out. You can search by title or subject.

Hofstede's Cultural Framework

Professor Geert Hofstede conducted one of the most comprehensive studies of how values in the workplace are influenced by culture. His cultural dimensions theory analyzes countries using several dimensions. This tool provides the scores of 93 different countries on this value scale.

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