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Communication Studies

COMM 10: To Do

1) Find 3 Scholarly Articles (Including 2 peer-reviewed articles)

2) Pull APA Citations (from articles) into a Reference List (Try RefWorks!)

Topics (try a few!):

Deception Self congruence
Honesty Self evaluation
Identity management Self monitoring
Impression management Self perception
Personal relationships Self presentation 
Self awareness

Social networks truthfulness

Databases to try:

1) Communication Source (Communication Studies specific)

Then, try another EBSCO database such as: 

For all databases:

  • Explore Limiters: Scholarly (Peer reviewed) journals (choose peer-reviewed for two of your three articles!)
  • Create Reference List by Exporting citations to RefWorks (in APA format)

Other option: Copy or Email Citation (APA)

Link for this page: COMM 10 (Raiff):

Pyramid of Information Sources

Evaluating Sources & Peer Reviewed Articles

APA Resources (Citations) & Reference List (Example)

Writing Center Help & Lit Review (Video tutorial)

SJSU Writing Center: For all aspects of writing, including help with citations! Currently available: Online tutoring & Chat.


RefWorks is a citation tool available to help you gather your sources and put them into a Bibliography (aka Reference List or Works Cited) at the end of your paper.

RefWorks requires a one-time login using your SJSU email only. To access RefWorks, follow the steps below:

1. From the library website at, choose RefWorks (which is in the blue box underneath & to the right of OneSearch). Or use this link:


2. Choose Create Account to register. Do not use the institutional login option. 

3. You will be sent an activation link to your SJSU email. Use that link to complete registration to RefWorks.

4. In RefWorks, you can Add a Folder (for each class or project). After you Export articles to RefWorks from library databases, put the articles in the appropriate Folder. Then, Create a Bibliography (look for the quotation mark sign at the top of the page). Choose APA 7th.