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Communication Studies

COMM 10 & 20

Find 2 Peer-Reviewed Articles 

Cite - APA format

Suggested Topics:

1) Negative effects of social media on teenage self worth

2) "Online dating" or subject of your choice: e.g., What topic interests you from your major? 

Databases (suggested):

1) Academic Search Complete (general database): Limit to Scholarly (Peer reviewed) journals. 

2) OneSearch: Choose "Articles+" and search; limit to peer-reviewed (on left)

Next Steps: Choose article, Find Cite OR Citation & Choose APA (citation). Copy, Email, or Export Citation (e.g., to RefWorks).

Note: You can also search Google Scholar, but then you may have to check if your source is peer-reviewed (or refereed) from the Database called "Ulrichs." Instructional video about this step: Google Scholar: Start at minute 5!

Link for this page, COMM 20/10 Iyengar:

Pyramid of Information Sources

Evaluating Sources & Peer Reviewed Articles

APA Resources (Citations)

References (Example)

References in APA Style. Note: This example contains an error.

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