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Connections to classrooms

Different types of adaptors for classroom operations

Adjusting connections through Adaptors and Cables

1.  If user only has a USB type C port available here are some adaptors that will help them connect to a classroom:

  • USB type C to HDMI and VGA- Most common for video signals that are needing to connect via legacy cables (VGA)

  • USB type C to Multiport- This is used for connection various components to a device that only has USB type C available as an option.

2.  Display Port 

  • Display port to VGA - Most Display port and VGA connections are used to connect to a classroom with both older and newer devices. VGA is considered a video connection as well as Display Port. Display port is most commonly used for outputs such as projectors, televisions, and monitors.

  • Mini DP to HDMI - This type of connection is also a video connection and is mostly used to connect to older laptop connections that used MINI Display Port as the input video sources

3.  HDMI-

  • HDMI connections is the modern video connection that is used in devices today. They cna output a higher resolution depending on the HDMI cable. For example, HDMI cables can now output to 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) if the cable indicates that it is a 4K HDMI cable.