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Library Research Scholars Program (LRSP)

This website provides information on the San Jose State University Library Research Scholars Program (LRSP).

2020 / 2021 Library Research Scholars

undefinedTheresa Grace Dettloff, Animation/Illustration, Junior
General topic: Development of urban centers over the next fifty years, including factors such as gentrification, population change, and the logistics of public structures. 
Librarian mentor: Gareth Scott







undefinedRegina M. Legard Fellow
Saniyah Ghoghari, BiologyJunior

General topic: Health disparities in immigrant populations and using a holistic model to improve the current healthcare system
Librarian mentor: Yen Tran






undefinedBeth Hartsog, Economics, Senior 
General topic: How decriminalizing black market goods affects rates of violent crime.
Librarian mentor: Kate Steffens