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Analysts evaluate companies for potential shareholders and investors. An analyst's report typically contains detailed information on the company's financial health, the current direction the business is taking, and a review of where it stands in regards to the competition.

Where to Find Analysts Reports

Analysts reports can give you some interesting insights into your company. Links to the databases are at the bottom of the list:

Value Line

  1. Once in the database, enter the company name or ticker symbol in the search box on the right.  Screenshot of search box in ValueLIne
  2. Click on the company link that appears below the search box. 
  3. Next, click on the PDF Reports button in the top right. 
     Screenshot of ValueLine PDF Reports button

Morningstar Investment Research Center

  1. Once in the database, enter the company name in the Search box.
  2. Click on the Latest Analyst Reports button in the toolbar near the top of the page.


Graphic of Latest Analyst Reports button