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PADM 295

Topics in Public Administration: Emergency Management

PADM 295 Library Guide

This library guide has been prepared to assist students in the completion of the Term Project for Dr. Frances Edwards's PADM 295 course. The following assignment description was taken from the PADM 295 syllabus:

Write a 15-16 page (double-spaced) report using standard academic format (New Times Roman font, 12 point, 1” margins), including in-text citations and sources consulted in the APA format. A tutorial on citations is available on the Political Science page of the Library’s website.

The paper will have the following topic headings used as dividing points within the paper:

  • Background: description and history of the event: what, when, where, why? (4 pages)
  • Emergency management issues:  What professions were involved in the response? Did they use ICS? Did they open an EOC? Did they open shelters? Did they use mutual aid/EMAC? Include similar facts. (1-2 pages)
  • Analysis: the impacts of this event in the context of the response plans in place at the time, community situation, societal concerns, preceding/ existing policies or programs  (4-5 pages)
  • Lessons Learned from this event and policy changes that grew from it (4-5 pages)
  • Conclusion: How did this event influence the development of emergency management? Have the lessons been learned or just “noted”? (1 page).