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Nursing Research Instruments

This guide contains resources to assist your search for research instruments used in the nursing field - assessments, scales, questionnaires, measures, surveys, inventories, and tests used in qualitative and quantitative research.

Subject Guide

Quick Tips:

  • Using the advanced search option for a search will yield more refined results. This is especially important if your topic(s) is a broader one.

  • If you truncate words with an asterisk (*), you’ll be able to obtain multiple word endings. For example, in addition to your primary area of “nursing”, search with terms such as “instrument*”, “tool*”, “survey*”, “questionnaire*” and/or “measure*”.  By truncating, you’ll bring up multiple versions of the same word in the materials searched.

  • In addition to the main topic of nursing, you may want to add specific areas of interest such as gerontology, post-natal care, etc.


Research Instrument


About Research Instruments:

 Research Instruments are assessments, scales, questionnaires, measures, surveys, inventories, and tests used in qualitative and quantitative research Searching for nursing research instruments can be challenging. This research guide contains resources that may assist you as you search. Be cognizant of copyright and the need to obtain permission to use an already developed instrument as you search for nursing research instruments. If you have questions about the use of instruments in research and their appropriateness and/or copyright, contact your instructor/department for further guidelines.

Additional Resources

Be sure to check out these related LibGuides when performing your research. 

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3) Customize Google Scholar to search SJSU holdings (for full-text articles) and to export citations to a citation manager such as Paperpile. You can also access the Google Scholar tab on the home page of the library's website, which will automatically connect your search results with links to the full-text articles in the library's databases.