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HS 1: Understanding Your Health

A guide to resources available to help you with your Health Science 1 research assignment.

Researching for Health Science 1

1. Begin your research by doing these three short tutorials on the resources you'll need to complete your project  (note: It's best to do them in order.):

a.     Finding Websites

b.     Finding Books

c.     Finding Articles

2. When you’ve finished the tutorials, take the quiz at the end of the “Finding Articles” tutorial. You can also click on the Health Science 1 Quiz Tab to take the quiz after completing the tutorials. 

3. Next, use each of the tabs above to find reliable websites, books, and articles for your Health Science 1 assignments. The Help tab links to online and in-person help and the APA tab links to resources for citing your sources in APA style.

4. A handout and the worksheet that you turn in to your instructor are in the HS 1 Handouts box to the right.

HS 1 Handouts

Viewing MedlinePlus

This is a brief video on viewing MedlinePlus during the Finding Websites tutorial